Plan First, Invest Second®  It’s what differentiates us from the other guys. Not every service is necessary for every client, but if there are areas where we can create value, then we will share and educate you on those custom-tailored services and let you make an educated decision on whether or not they are the right fit for you.

My first priority for our clients is that they have a financial plan to confidently navigate their retirement. This includes maximizing Social Security and pension income, allocating appropriate mixes of investments between safer and at-risk monies and making sure the appropriate insurance is in place if necessary.  After that we can discuss the legacy you’d like to leave behind whether that is helping the grandkids go to college or supporting your favorite charities.

At Paladin, we provide the following services:

Individuals and Families:

  • paladin retirement advisors servicesSocial Security Maximization Analysis
  • Asset-Cycle Portfolio System® Retirement Income Roadmap
  • Income Replacement Stress Test
  • Asset Allocation Review
  • Long Term Care Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Estate Tax Reduction & Financial Legacy Review
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Income Tax Reduction Analysis
  • Independent, Objective Portfolio Analysis
  • Pension Maximization Analysis
  • Multi-Generational Qualified Disbursement Review
  • Roth IRA Conversion Report & Analysis
  • In-Force Life Insurance Audit

Business Services:

  • 401k, SEP IRA and SIMPLE IRA Administration for Small and Mid-Sized Companies
  • Funding Buy-Sell arrangements

Please contact me to begin constructing your customized financial retirement plan. Call or stop by for a complimentary financial checkup and start your journey!


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