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  • My practice is exclusively focused on financial planning, specifically retirement income planning and asset protection. My approach in working with my clients is more like a retirement coach than a traditional financial advisor. We believe it is extremely important to first create a financial plan and as a coach we need to adjust our approach to whether we are in the first half (accumulation) or second half of retirement (distribution).

Our Philosophy

There are two distinct phases to retirement…getting there and having a strong feeling of confidence as you continue!

You need to think of retirement like ascending and descending a mountain and with each phase comes different sets of challenges.

Going up the mountain is the accumulation phase and is generally focused on growth, but you need to add the context of your life and personality to that climbing plan that includes a customized risk score, as well as a personalized range of returns to match your comfort zone. These are critical starting points that we work with our clients on in our office.

Descending the mountain comes with a whole different rule book and now retirees need to be focused on how to best navigate the distribution phase. We make sure to help our clients successfully descend the mountain and not run out of oxygen by managing sequence of returns risk, excess market risk, asset designation and purpose-driven account placement, as well as asset protection while still maintaining a focus on long-term portfolio growth.

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Preparing for and living in retirement can often be a stressful and uncertain time, however, my firm’s mission is simple: share with you the best retirement planning strategy available for your situation and then develop and implement a financial plan that allows you to enjoy a more confident retirement.

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Why the name Paladin

The Paladins were sometimes known as the Twelve Peers and were the foremost warriors of Charlemagne’s court, according to legendary material associated with the history of France. A paladin is a courageous knight, crusading in the name of good and order, a protector of the people and the realm.

We don’t have any swords in the office, but we take seriously that philosophy to fight for our clients. Every client gets our best level of service regardless of investment amount, and we work toward making sure your finances and retirement last as long as you do.

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